Join our organization and help our cause. Marine animals need our help.

DIAMOND (Single donation) $5490 us

Adopt a Whale Shark

  • With your contribution, we will track a whale shark through a satellite probe, to understand its feeding habits and movement routes.
  • More than 15 years of experience, have led us to understand better how it moves and how this incredible animal interacts. Your name and photo will be on our website, as a recognition.
  • We'll give the whale shark the name you choose. And we will notify you every time the whale shark transmits a positive position anywhere in the world.

PLATINUM (Per / YEAR) $2990 us

Choojajauil from the sky

  • CWith this contribution, we will conduct a flight over the Mexican Caribbean, to locate and count the whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins in the area.
  • The objective is to better understand the travel routes of the animals and their feeding places with careful statistical procedures.
  • We will send you photos and videos from the air and we will place your name and photo on our website as gratitude.

GOLD (Per / YEAR) $1490

Choojajauil for life

  • With this donation, we will carry out an expedition on a boat to conduct research on whale shark, manta rays and/or sailfish.
  • Main activities include animal counts, measurement, individual photographic identification and geo-referencing, to contribute in sustainable management.
  • We will send you an executive summary of the research done with photos.

SILVER $ 100 US Monthly $100 US

Choojajauil Education

  • With your donation we will carry out training courses for water tourism service providers in Cancun.
  • Your monthly contribution, will help us to train a person.
  • The environment cannot take care of itself. The training courses will focus on true ecological tourism, contributing to the conservation of the environment and saving the lives of aquatic animals.

BRONZE $ 50 US Monthly $50 us

DNA and laboratory tests

  • With your contribution, we will perform DNA tests and plankton studies, the data will help us to classify the families of animals that live around Cancun.
  • We deeply thank you, your name and photo will be on our website.

IRON $25 US Monthly $25 us

Contribution to expeditions

  • With each contribution, we will carry out maritime and aerial expeditions.
  • 100% transparent, through our website you will find the distribution of our funds and how they are used.
  • Thank you, your name and photo will be in our website, as thanks

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Why should I donate to Choojajauil?
We have more than 15 years of experience in research with great results in the conservation of the Whale Shark, also we are about to celebrate Manta ray protection in Mexico, and remarkable outcomes in dolphin studies.
Can I donate more than once?
We have no impediment for repetitive donations. With your support, we can achieve more solutions.
Which is the method of payment?
We manage Pay Pal as a channel for public donations for security and donor facilities. Anyone can cancel subscription at any time. We can receive wire transfers or bank orders and checks.
Can I donate to another person’s name as a gift?
Our donation policy does not prevent donations being made on behalf of other people or institutions.
Where can I see the distribution of use of donations?
For the safety of our donors, you can access financial statement to see how your donations are used for the salvation of the environment.
Donations can be tax deductible?
We are in the process to have the necessary legal documents to issue receipts for tax-deductible donations in Mexico and the US. For this option, we recommend that you write to us through our contact page.